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Generate C# project documentation

document all the things

Hi there, this time I will show you the process and things I do to generate the documentation of my C# project (yes, only C# because I have not test it with VB).

  • First of all We select the project that We want to generate its documentations then right click on it so We can navigate to its properties.
  • Then, We are going to check XML Documentation file checkbox and change the name of the generated file to the name of the project (this rename will easy the things later)
  • Now, save the changes and change to Build Event tab where We will add a post build event that will be run on successful build.
  • The post build event or command that We are going to add only copy the generated XML file and de DLL to a folder that is located at the same level as out sln file.
copy /Y "$(TargetDir)$(ProjectName).XML" "$(SolutionDir)docs\$(ProjectName).XML"
copy /Y "$(TargetPath)" "$(SolutionDir)docs\$(ProjectName).dll"
  • Until now We have made the hardest part of the configuration, now We are going to download a grate tool that will generate the documentation, ImmDoc.NET

We now have all in place to generate the documentation. Now using ImmDoc.NET through the command line lets navigate to the folder where the XML and DLL where copied after a VS build. Once We are there lets run the command to generate the docs.

ImmDocNet.exe -ForceDelete -IncludeInternalMembers -IncludePrivateMembers

You can get help from ImmDoc.NET with

ImmDocNet.exe -h

That’s all!

Happy Coding :-) !!!